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A Somerset Wedding with All the Party Vibes


Simon and Kiana

May 17, 2024

Connor and Jade always knew their wedding wouldn't be a subdued affair. At the majestic Crowcombe Court in Taunton, they planned a celebration that was less about tradition and more about pure, unbridled joy. "Our main aim was to ensure we and all our guests had fun - it was a HUGE PARTY!" the couple told us. "We did not follow a traditional theme, our main aim was to ensure we and all our guests had fun."

Moody Church Wedding with Religious Iconography, Burlesque Performers & a Bright Red Dress


Amy Faith

May 13, 2024

Cath and Tony chose their wedding venue, Ullet Road Unitarian Church in Liverpool for the dark gothic vibes and because their home is filled with ironic displays of religious iconography. The dark backdrop was perfect place for their celebration which included a cream Cadillac, a pizza wedding breakfast and an acrobat contorting herself to Metallica songs! They also had burlesque dancer, a lady wearing Prosecco skirt, a jazz singer, loads of neon signs and an arcade game station!